h31k0, 30 Nov 22:39:
   didn´t work
h31k0, 30 Nov 22:40:
   it makes the sound after lap (bling) but it did not upload
h31k0, 30 Nov 22:42:
   i will send you logfile per email
INFEL8, 01 Dec 06:01:
   As you can remember, it is normal that not all of it works in the first version. I need information, and may help those who do not have the program works.
INFEL8, 01 Dec 06:03:
   ps. maybe this can help: 7. For authorization and result sending, it is necessary to quit from race (for example to game menu). link , 7-th rule point.
INFEL8, 01 Dec 06:03:
   not in pit lane, in game menu
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 03 Dec 17:20:
   hi what files i must check to run wrecord
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 03 Dec 17:21:
   steam folder?
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 03 Dec 17:23:
   i check steam folder and show me incorect file
INFEL8, 04 Dec 04:41:
   hi. folder where f1 2012. some files can be incorrect, coz ve have small different versions. Tell me what files, or if not much and not big files send to me on e-mail.
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 04 Dec 05:50:
   hi I have disc version the game. My steam install on d disc on computer. When i choose d/gry/steam and check show me all ok. When i start a game show me red incorect file
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 04 Dec 05:51:
   maybe wrong file i check
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 04 Dec 05:55:
   I think that steam folder is too big to sent on mail
INFEL8, 04 Dec 08:13:
   send to me on e-mail file names please, with paths to these files
INFEL8, 04 Dec 08:20:
   WR Client will write it in right window. Ctrl+c for copy
INFEL8, 07 Dec 16:58:
   i will try to create test program. manual too. then some players can help me to improve WR Client. h31k0, after it i need your help )
h31k0, 11 Dec 09:40:
   I will try this evening if possible.
INFEL8, 11 Dec 11:00:
   this tool is not ready yet. When i do it, i will write to your email. ok?
h31k0, 11 Dec 22:06:
   yeah, ok.
INFEL8, 13 Dec 12:13:
   tool is ready now. then we need to test in internet )
INFEL8, 29 Dec 04:12:
   work with h31k0 in progress. maybe and for disc version we will have normal WR Client.
INFEL8, 17 Feb 08:43:
   hello Wojtek, i see WR now work and for you. its good ) And not bad times. ok, i trink will try to beat it later
WOJTEK63LUBLIN, 17 Feb 09:47:
   hi Infel Thanks you and Heiko for great work
h31k0, 18 Feb 17:30:
   wb wojtek
INFEL8, 05 Mar 12:57:
   I propose that in the days of real Grand Prix to focus on the road to the Grand Prix.
RVxFireBaLL, 08 Apr 12:20:
   Infel8 the crack for version 1.03 is not anywhere in internet. I made one crack and it works fine with latest patch, but the client doesnot recognise it. Any idea?
INFEL8, 08 Apr 16:12:
   hi. You need what exe file in properties have correct version number.
INFEL8, 06 May 07:06:
   WR for F1 2011 here now in readonly mode link
INFEL8, 06 May 07:14:
   works sometimes
INFEL8, 07 May 06:31:
   approximate time: 8-21 (or 22) CET

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