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Official Rules of F1 2012: World Records

"World Records" project was made to collect best game results from "F1 2012". It is an independent and non-commercial, we do not have any connections with Codemasters.

To participate you need to register on this site and download WR Client software that will extract your track records from the game as you play and post them on this site. You can register your team as well, but in order to be accepted it must have its own homepage with list of active members. It is not required to be a part of any team to participate though.

Your results will be collected automatically when you install WR Client. Results are accepted from game mode: Time trial.

If you are proud or do not hesitate of how you drive, do not close the car settings for viewing.
Opened settings - a good sign.
In any case, settings are usually not suitable to other drivers on the driving style.

Mandatory game settings:
1. Time Trial.
2. Cutting turns is not allowed. A cut - any driving out of a track (All wheels), and as driving on walls is considered.

Points and medals stand out only for the best record from the participant on a track.
In each system of an addition of points, points and medals are divided.
Records from any cars are accepted.

Concept of not fairly made result:
the Record is considered made fairly until the return will be proved.
For the proof it is necessary to specify in a place of infringement and a way of achievement of this infringement precisely.

it is obligatory:
1) direct signs (on an example teleportation forward with invariable time (in circles/sprints) or a points taking in the same place (in drift))
2) a way of reproduction
3) the Telemetry containing an example of reproduction
4) a log File if is, as a containing example of reproduction

Indirect signs aren't accepted.
More good result than at someone - an unacceptable indirect sign.
1) if time is equal or close to zero
2) if speed above 500 km/h
3) In drift it is instant (in telemetry from a point to the nearest point) some thousand points are typed

Without proofs, what suspicions in dishonesty of result, aren't accepted.

If you want to stop occurrence of dishonest result - give a way of reproduction of dishonest result, telemetry of this way and a log file whenever possible.

If at you obviously dishonest result has turned out, don't send it on a site. Give all necessary for closing of a bug of game.

ATTENTION: WR client is detecting trainers and other potentionally dangerous software as long as it is running. If you need to run any trainers please make sure that you have closed the WR client, otherwise you will be banned for cheating.


If you try to send records for someone else, use wrong game settings or have some mods applied to the game you will get a warning. For using any cheats/trainers or for hacking attempts you will be banned without any warnings. If you get banned all your results will be temporary removed from the site for couple of days. If you beleive you were banned by mistake please contact us immediatelly, otherwise all your records will be deleted. Once you are banned you won't be able to participate in this project anymore even under a different username. If several members of the same team get banned whole team might be disqualified.

All dates on this site are in GMT (+0:00) time zone. Speed is in km/h.

Good luck!

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